Shamanic healing

Shamanic Healing

A truly wonderful way to work with blockages and energetically stuck issues,
beyond words and stories.

A shaman, is “a light carrier who sees in darkness…” Shamanic healing is a spiritual and medical practice based upon the belief that all healing includes a spiritual dimension.

During our sessions we work with the body and the soul, together with all the emotional that keeps us in our past, or what hinder us to take our next step into the future.

Its energetic medicine goes deep in what keeps us stuck in the unconscious or conscious, reaction, actions and deeds that affect the quality and our possibilities in our lives. The healing helps us to open up for new ways of living and being.

Shamanic healing on

The Andean Shamanic Tradition

In the Andean Shamanic Tradition we work amongst many things, with soul retrieval, we look into old contracts written, we enter the under-, middle-, and upper world. We cleanse and balance unbalanced energies in the body and energetic field around us, through the chakras and nadis. We do ceremonies to let go of/ and to manifest what we want to dream into our lives. Sometimes we need to “die” to be able to get space for the free to birth.

Sources of guidance and information

In the healing I open up to the spirit guides and receive guidance and information from them.  I work from the support of mother earth “pacha mama”, father sun “Inti Tayta”, the cosmic support and the power animals.

We use and tune in with the beautiful power of the moon and her cycle. We sow and manifest our visions and dreams during new moon and crescent moon, all the way to the full moon. We cleanse and let go after the full moon. Time to rest. We aim to live with the cycle of the natural existing balance.


Inquire about Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is provided by appointment in Stockholm and in Mallorca.
Price: 90 min healing 1500SEK + tax
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The importance of this work at this time

We are now living in a very unusual time, moving away from the dark heavy era, into the new time, which hold a lot more light, love and much higher awareness. We have some work to do to reach this new time, and we are doing it. We are moving from the 3d into the higher dimensions, which means that we are moving in less material, into and through higher frequencies, which makes the transitions easier and faster, with less friction. This is also happening on a collective level.