Every Morning we unite in the collective space all over Europe at 6.00 am CET. We raise the awareness together. Thank you for showing up!

Moon cycle 23/4, 2020 – 21/5, 2020: Meditation technique of choice

For the next round of meditation (23/4-21/5), You choose whichever technique is suitable for you.
You might find some inspiration from previous meditation cycles, all techniques that we have been working through are stored at the site, with instructions.
There is a lot of research that shows that the gathered meditations with large groups, does affect the society.
Amongst some, crime and violence tends to slow down…
So of course you join in, and together we raise the vibration on this wonderful planet
Welcome to join in – with love,
Moonlife Morning Meditation

About Moonlife morning meditation

The Moonlife morning meditation is a joint practice that takes place every morning at 6am. We meet and we meditate together in the collective space. By doing it at the same time, with the same focus, we raise the vibration together! By doing it together, the positive impact on each individual and society is multiplied.

We begin again at the start of each moon cycle, with a new focus. Guidance and acknowledgment of participation is shared on via Facebook.
With love, welcome to join!

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Join the movement – Moonlife meditation

Let’s raise the vibration together through meditation in the collective space!
In tune with the natural cycles of the moon, we do it daily.

“The only way to save the world, get the ordinary person on the street to meditate”
– Yogi Bhajan