23/2, 2020 – 23/3, 2020:

Vipassana Inspired Meditation Step 3

Soon new moon and a new cycle for our Joint Morning Meditation @6am CET

We will continue with the body scan until next new moon in end of March and adding:

The same procedure as before (see below) and when you reach the tops of your toes you move back the same way all the way to the top of your head. Wonderful.

Thank you ever so much for being part of this movement, making a change to our environment.


Now, this time, you will scan through your body.
Start to observe sensations, feel the clothes against the skin, differences in temperature, tingling sensations, aching, pressure, maybe the air against the skin.
Whatever sensation you might observe in the specific area you are focusing at. Then move on to the next area.
If you don’t experience any sensation, wait a little longer till you do so. There is no evaluation regarding the sensation, no positive, nor negative. Only from a pure consciousness, observe the sensation.
No craving nor aversions to the sensation or the experience.

If you still don’t notice any sensation, then go back to Anapana breathing for a little while, with slightly stronger breath and then you might be able to.

To start:
You start from, and explore all areas of;

  • The Top of your head,Then move to
  • The rest of the head, then move to
  • The face, then move to
  • Neck and throat, then move to
  • Right shoulder, upper arm, lower arm, hands, fingers
  • Left Shoulder, Upper arm, lower arm, hands, fingers
  • Then front side upper body
  • Back side upper body
  • Lower parts of your body
  • Sitting area,
  • Right side, thigh, knee, shin, foot and toes
  • Left side, thigh, knee, shin, foot and toes

And start all over again. Preferably for 60 minutes. (Shorter time is also ok)

We do this until 23rd of March.

Good luck and if you have any questions please contact me.

Lots of Love!


About Moonlife morning meditation

The Moonlife morning meditation is a joint practice that takes place every morning at 6am. We meet and we meditate together in the collective space. By doing it at the same time, with the same focus, we raise the vibration together! By doing it together, the positive impact on each individual and society is multiplied.

We begin again at the start of each moon cycle, with a new focus. Guidance and acknowledgment of participation is shared on via Facebook.
With love, welcome to join!

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