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A beginners guide to meditation

When you meditate: Create a sacred space for you, a quiet space where you feel safe and tranquil. Add some beauty… a candle…some flowers… Sit nice and comfortably. If you can, on the floor on a meditation cushion/stool or a block. Try to elongate your spine to allow [...]

A beginners guide to meditation2020-01-24T15:57:56+01:00

Moonlife meditation: Empty Space

Joint meditation at 6am every day! At 6am we meet in the collective space. We meditate at the same time. We raise the awareness together. Thank you for showing up! Moon cycle 12/12, 2019 – 5/1, 2020: focus on Empty space This following time we will focus our [...]

Moonlife meditation: Empty Space2020-01-09T12:29:50+01:00
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